Wedding Day Arm Candy (no we don't mean your S/O)

Handbags are often an afterthought when mapping out your wedding outfit. Shoes yes. Jewellery yes. Hair accessories yes. But handbag? - people often forget until too late in the day to purchase the perfect accessory. Do you really need a handbag you may ask. It isn't necessarily a live or die situation however, if you're not entrusting your belongings to your chief bridesmaid - or a close friend - or if you don't have a bridal party at all, it's definitely worth thinking about. Even if you are having a  bridal squad, it's worth thinking about too. Consider your beauty touch ups, or emergency supplies like sewing pins, plasters etc. ... a bag no longer seems unnecessary does it?

Well we've laid out a few prized choices to fuel your inspiration. Let's just say your chief bridesmaid wouldn't mind holding on to one of he beauties for you because they're just that darn pretty.

Take a peak!


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Edie Parker


Clare V


Oscar De La Renta


The Row











March 24, 2017 by Jamila Ali

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nice bag

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