Siren // A modern-day muse tale

SirenWhat do you get when you mix chic-as-what wedding dresses and an innovative creative group? Pepper in the talents of artistic beauty connoisseurs and an angel faced-beauty, and you have the "Siren - a modern-day muse tale". We're launching our 2018 collection in STYLE with a labour of collaborative love: Siren. Our short film tells the story of a modern day muse as she prepares for her wedding, going through different personas. It's realistic, it's gritty, its a far cry from the fairy tale but it's beautiful, it's true and it celebrates women. Watch the Siren film here.

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Wedding Day Arm Candy (no we don't mean your S/O)

Handbags are often an afterthought when mapping out your wedding outfit. Shoes yes. Jewellery yes. Hair accessories yes. But handbag? - people often forget until too late in the day to purchase the perfect accessory. Do you really need a handbag you may ask. It isn't necessarily a live or die situation however, if you're not entrusting your belongings to your chief bridesmaid - or a close friend - or if you don't have a bridal party at all, it's definitely worth thinking about. Even if you are having a  bridal squad, it's worth thinking about too. Consider your beauty touch ups, or emergency supplies like sewing pins, plasters etc. ... a bag no longer seems unnecessary does it?

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Dos and Dont's: Tips from the experts

Many vendors, many questions - organising a wedding is chaotic. Given that the average cost of a wedding in the UK is approximately £26,000, it isn't cheap either. Adding to the frustration, there are so many facets to a wedding that there comes plenty of opportunities to waste money through making regretful choices....

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Effortless Chic Luxe

Dressing fashion-forward brides since 2007

Stocked in nine selected bridal boutiques in the uk, ireland and australia and coming soon to the US, Sabina Motasem dresses are made from the finest silks with a superior cut, and proudly made in London.

No detail goes unnoticed.
No corners are ever cut.

The dresses are inspired by the romance of vintage Hollywood, the passion of dance and a love for modern aesthetics with clean simple lines.

For the new 2018 Sirens collection, to be launched this Summer, we are paying homage to the strong independent women who inspired the creations, from the modern day muses who wore them on their wedding day, to the women we know and love, to the iconic women the designs are inspired by – striking the perfect balance between minimalist and maximalist.

There are chic two-pieces, floaty tulle skirts. and slinky camis, elegant separates, sumptuously modern lace dresses, goddess-like embellished dresses with super sexy low backs - there’s a dress to suit all palettes.