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Every bride wants the perfect wedding venue that fits exactly what she is looking for. We did a little bit of research on a few unique wedding venues in London. Although these venues may not be exactly what you are looking for, we hope these venues move you a step further in the right direction in finding the perfect wedding venue!

The Oaks Farm Wedding Venue  provides you with the option of an indoor wedding service as well as a gorgeous outdoor garden service just 10 miles outside of London. This venue has a calm, rustic feel to it with rolling hills and tranquil fountains. 

Wedding Venue

No.4 Hamilton Place is a luxurious hotel which used to be home to the Duke of Wellington that can accommodate up to 250 guests. With it's rich history, fascinating views, and many rooms, this "Edwardian townhouse" is perfect for an elegant wedding venue. 

Wedding Venue

Eltham Lodge, located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, is also enriched with history. This location is perfect for brides who want their wedding in the middle of the city but also want the feel of seclusion. 

Wedding Venue

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