Just engaged? Here are some helpful tips...

First of all, Congratulations! Exciting times lay ahead and there's plenty to start thinking about: when, where, how???

Given we're speaking to fellow stylistas here, there's no doubt about it - the dress is key!

Here at Sabina Motasem HQ we talk with new brides everyday to help them look fabulous for their wedding. We've learnt a lot along the way and felt we should share some tips to choosing the right dress for you.

Just engaged

When and Where:

Your choice of venue and time can streamline your wedding dress searches. Warm weather/summer wedding means you should think about how light, layered, embellished, and long your dress is. Winter/cold weather weddings mean you could look to add more layers, luxe accessorises, velvet or brocade detailing. Sabina Motasem dresses are great to work with, regardless of the time of year. Here are some links to our real brides Pinterest board for some inspiration: Real brides weddings, from year round weddings.

Just engaged

The early and prepared bird catches the most stylish worm:

Manufacturing your perfect dress can take up to 4 months therefore it's wise to begin your search as early as you can after you have your location locked down. Have any special shoes, jewellery, accessories that you want to wear on the day? Have them on hand during your earliest appointments possible to ensure that you have a cohesive look. 

Gold shoes go perfectly with our dresses. Here's a recent post we did to give you some inspiration: The Ultimate Guide for gold bridal shoes (We will also be running another blog very soon on blue shoes - keep an eye out 😉)

Lastly have the right undergarments at hand during your appointments and fittings - seamless underwear, strapless bras or low back bras in nude. We did the homework for you and hand selected the best undergarments to wear with your gowns here:

Stay true to you:

Being open minded when choosing a dress is important. It allows you to take risks and avoid wedding cliches that you think you should be following! That being said, it's important you feel confident in exorcising your own style! We find the happiest brides tend to limit the number of people who they bring with them in appointments. It's important to not feel conflicted by what others say you should be wearing and feel comfortable in making the right choice.

January 06, 2017 by Jamila Ali

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