Bridal spotlight: Freya Rose shoes

For some brides, shopping for the right bridal shoes can be almost as stressful as shopping for the dress. Your shoes are a very important part of your bridal outfit and choosing the right pair is not only key to your look, but will make you feel fabulous too. 

If you are a shoe lover, you will revel in finding the perfect shoes. If not, you will be glad to get advice on where to find fabulous bridal shoes and my top recommendation is always Freya Rose. Freya Rose is internationally renowned for her intricate detailing and innovative approach to couture shoe design and is becoming one of the UK’s leading shoe couturiers.

Bridal shoes
bridal shoes

Her signature combines luxury with the use of jewels and opulent embroidered designs which, she explains, comes from her childhood - she grew up in a family of fine jewellers, and it shows. “Lustrous fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystal and shimmering Mother of Pearl heels”  are key to her brand. The designs really are beautiful, and you don’t have to be getting married to enjoy them, she creates shoes for all occasions.  

Freya has garnered a multitude of industry awards from the most reputable publications and her brand continues to gain popularity with world-renowned stores including Browns Bride, Alice Temperley and Philippa Lepley.

Whether you want elegantly simple, intricately gorgeous or uber glam, Freya Rose will give you a very special shoe for your very special day.

So, go and enjoy browsing her beautiful collection where you are sure to find your perfect wedding shoes at  Look out for her new bridal collections launching this year: ‘Violet Grey’ and ‘Manhattan’.

Bridal shoes
Bridal shoes
Bridal shoes

Images:  1. Peace - Pearl Heels   2. Elektra  3. Alberta  4. Charlotte Gold  5. Alba  
6. Rhian  7. Nadine-couture  8. Emma  9. Hanna - Pearl Heel  10. Perdita  11. Tania

March 16, 2016 by Sabina Ali

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